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The Casablanca Dream is an initiative of women from the Global South - activists and academics - seeking solutions for empowering women who increasingly carry the burden of world wide poverty.

"There is no one path to the creation of equitable, just and sustainable development. But women’s organizations in many countries have begun to create a path by walking. Goals and targets may help us get there, but only if they are embedded in a fuller vision of what development is and may become. We hope our deliberations will spark fruitful discussion of how we can move from crisis to equality, with benefits for the mass of men as well as of women. We want to make equality and just and sustainable development the new ‘normal’." - Diane Elson


Meet The Casablanca Dreamers

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"Anyone who has struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor." - James Baldwin

After nearly two years of collective effort, the Barcelona Consensus is about to reach a key stage: the presentation of its Declaration. You can now access the online forum to reach a consensus on its content:

The forum will be available until April 3.

However, the BC does not end with the Declaration: the meeting in Barcelona in late April will mark the beginning of a series of projects that intend to achieve the objectives that were agreed on being persued.

Therefore, the BC team offers some implementation strategies. These are the Barcelona Consensus' next steps:

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Gender and Macroeconomics
"We need to shift our language - from gender equality and other terminologies and objectives such as Millennium Development Goals - towards ensuring securities: food, livelihood and water security for women. This should be the responsibility of the State. States are now all geared to ensure security against terror attacks, but it is these 'peace goods' that women want and should have, if there is seriousness in the States' commitments to ensure 'inclusive growth'." -Devaki Jain
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